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Chris Segerblom


Senior Energy Engineer

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Chris works directly with the Solutions Group to analyze and implement customized sustainable solutions. His primary responsibilities include financial analytics, product research and development, on-site assessments, and general solution design.

Chris oversees GreenGen’s energy data management and analytics practices, and has led the design, implementation and maintenance of GreenGen’s data platform. The data Chris manages is used to optimize client building performance as well as for the measurement and verification of the solutions that GreenGen implements on behalf of its clients. Chris is a certified measurement and verification professional (CMVP) working alongside the rest of the engineering team to ensure that GreenGen’s solutions meet expectations.

Prior to joining GreenGen, Chris worked as an engineering consultant, implementing real estate investors’ corporate sustainability initiatives across large portfolios. He also interned for several months at a real estate management firm in California where he was involved with a variety of leasing, development, and construction management projects, including a multi-million dollar retrofit of one asset’s central cooling system.

Chris graduated from Yale University where he studied mechanical engineering and developed a passion for energy efficiency and the built environment. At Yale, Chris took courses in a variety of departments, from physics to art history, while taking a particular interest in architecture and engineering. During his senior year, Chris helped develop an imaging device designed to help climate change scientists analyze the crystalline structure of ice core samples. In addition, he conducted research on the energy efficiency of residential hot water distribution systems.

Chris has captured multiple scholastic, collegiate, and national sailing titles. In 2017, Chris finished 11th in the SAP 505 World Sailing Championships.



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